Saturday, May 7

The ultimate base jumping experience.

    Ultimate base jumping is something that i would want to do. The view from flying would be so spectacular. I would love to find the magical spot, where your all alone and its all quiet up there. 
    Dean potter made a record for the longest base jump ever achieved. Thats impressive. Why i posted this is because of the visuals that you can see in the video. People climbing pure nature. Stunning. 

Tuesday, April 19

What are the plans for tomorrow, guys?

I know what tomorrow is, and how many people will be spending it. I wont be though! I will be hiking in dense forests! :)

Monday, April 11

Words can never describe the beauty.

While on a walk at the beach with a couple of friends, i notice a huge rainbow in the sky. Not just one rainbow, not just two rainbows, but actually there were like 6. I don't know what the hell was going on. There was a huge rainbow over the sun, there was an orb like object reflecting light as bright as the sun just about a fingers length away, there was a rainbow over that, then to top it off, there were two rainbows parallel to each other directly up from where i was standing. The beauty of all of this was so stunning, and i have a video showing what everything looked like. It sure was something to record. I'll try to post the video soon!

Stay smoke, don't choke.