Tuesday, April 19

What are the plans for tomorrow, guys?

I know what tomorrow is, and how many people will be spending it. I wont be though! I will be hiking in dense forests! :)

Monday, April 11

Words can never describe the beauty.

While on a walk at the beach with a couple of friends, i notice a huge rainbow in the sky. Not just one rainbow, not just two rainbows, but actually there were like 6. I don't know what the hell was going on. There was a huge rainbow over the sun, there was an orb like object reflecting light as bright as the sun just about a fingers length away, there was a rainbow over that, then to top it off, there were two rainbows parallel to each other directly up from where i was standing. The beauty of all of this was so stunning, and i have a video showing what everything looked like. It sure was something to record. I'll try to post the video soon!

Stay smoke, don't choke.

The best mood

the rainy mood.

Home tree

Looks sick. Wouldn't you say so?